Whats the better camera? Canon 6D II or 5D IV

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If you're in the market for a new DSLR, you'll have to decide between the Canon 6D Mark II and the Canon 5D Mark IV. Both cameras are capable of producing excellent results, but they're not equally well suited to different shooting styles. If you're primarily interested in shooting landscapes, the 6D II is more suitable for such a type of photography. Despite its lack of a touchscreen, it still features a vari-angle LCD, which is an invaluable feature for a photographer. However, the 6D II doesn't offer this option. The same is true of the 5D IV, which doesn't feature a touchscreen, but has a built-in flash, more advanced autofocus system, and 4K movie recording.

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The Canon 5D Mark IV has a larger, higher-resolution screen, which is nice for photographers. The Canon 6D Mark II is a great choice for casual photographers, but it's not a good choice for professional photographers. While both cameras have great features and a great price, they're not incredibly similar. The 5D III has slightly more power, and the 6D II has a more powerful processor.

The Canon 5D Mark IV is the better option for more serious photographers. It has a wider ISO range, and can focus at EV -3. Both cameras have a touchscreen LCD and dual slots. The Canon 6D II has a higher ISO range. The battery life is slightly better, and the camera has GPS and WiFi. Both cameras have a good number of functions to enhance your shooting experience.

When it comes to price, the 6D MARK II has the advantage. At an average cost of $1699, the Canon M2 supports SDHC and SDXC memory cards. The battery life on the 6D MARK II is greater than the 5D M4's, but the 5D M4 costs more than three times more. The 5D M4 is also smaller and lighter, while the Canon 6D Mark II is lighter and less bulky.

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The main difference between the two cameras is the size. The 6D MK II is lighter and smaller than the Canon 5D Mark IV, which means it's more portable. But the weight also makes the 6D MK II more convenient for travel. Lastly, both cameras have optical image stabilization, which is essential for photographers who frequently move around. The Canon MK IV can reach ISO 3200.

When it comes to size and weight, the Canon 6D Mk II has an advantage over the Canon 5D Mk IV. The Canon MK IV is slightly heavier and is more compact, while the sixD Mk II weighs more than half as much. Ultimately, the difference between the two cameras is primarily down to personal preference and budget. The megapixel count is the most important factor in determining which camera is the better option, but other features are important as well.

In general, the Canon 6D Mark II is a cheaper option than the Canon 5D Mark IV, but it still offers decent image quality and decent AF. The 5D has higher dynamic range, more pixels, and an extra card slot. The 6D is better for stills and video, but the 5D is better for high-definition images and a wide variety of other types of photos.

Although both cameras are capable of shooting video and still look great, the Canon 6D Mark II is better for fine art photographers and narrative filmmakers. While the 5D is more expensive and has a higher resolution, the 6D is more portable and has an improved LCD. The dual card slots make it easier to use and take photos in a variety of conditions. Compared to the Canon 5D, the 6D Mark II is much more affordable.

The Canon 6D Mark II has a larger LCD and better movie quality than the Canon 5D. Both cameras support the same lenses, but the 6D Mark II offers more megapixels. The 5D has a larger native ISO of 100 to 32,000. It also offers higher dynamic range and 8% more linear resolution. In general, the Canon 6D Mark II is the better option for amateurs and pros alike.